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Experience the Miracles a Touch of God Can Make

Crisis Point Healing: Restoring Hope to those with Chronic and Mystery Illness

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” – Thomas Carlyle

Our Miracle Meditation may help with Chronic/Mystery Illness

We view 95% of illnesses as having a spiritual root cause. The ascended energies that come through in our Atlantean Miracle Meditation hold space with our clients and facilitate a space where the body can heal itself. While we are not medical professionals, and do not provide medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, or cures, some of our clients have reported feeling relief from conditions such as:

Total Life Transformation (TLT) Service

The human body wants to be at peak wellness at all times. It is our constant exposure to stress, psychic, spiritual, and emotional trauma that injures the spirit. The spirit drives all the functions of the body, as the body is just a vessel for the spirit to work through as a physical expression. The degreee of healing the body can channel is greatly enhanced or diminished by the condition of the person’s spirit. A weakened spiritual constitution can significantly hamper the body’s ability to return to wellness as its normal. 

We expose the spirit to a series of vibrational frequencies we call the Total Life Transformation resonance. The completion of this process initiates an imediate cutoff from stress, drama, draining relationships, and negative emotional patterns allowing the spirit to come into a place of inner peace, which is then reflected into the body. 

We end the process with a gentle soul reset, essentially clearing the soul’s cached trauma so that it can channel more Source energy for a return to wholeness. This process can last for up to 30 days, depending on the stress and lifestyle of the client. 

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Common Spiritual Roots of Illness

Past Life Bleedthrough

Traumatic deaths, severe illness, or excessive patterns of abuse from past lifes can bleed through to this one and manifest the wounds of the past into the present

Emotional Toxicity

Choosing to not live our truth, engaging in damaging relationship dynamics, lack of boundaries, and other negative behavior patterns create toxic feedback loops that breakdown the resilience of the spirit and degrade the physical body over time.

Spiritual Influence

Hauntings, Curses, Psychic Engagements, Energetic Parasites, and Influence from ET groups and other spirits can erode fortune, negatively progam your psyche, destroy relationships, and cause organ or tissue failure.

Our Scientific Approach to Understanding Spiritual Illness

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1. Decode and Decipher

We use spiritual discernment to analyze the clues pertinent in the patient's spiritual code and determine the root cause of the issue and how it is affecting the individual.

2. Deactivate

Each root cause begins to inject interfering and foreign chains of code into the individual's spirit, manifesting as illness or symptoms. We deactivate this code sequence to stem the undesired spiritual imbalance.

3. Resolve

The symptoms often are a result of spiritual trespass or accumulated self-poisoning acts of negative behavior patterns or engaging in damaging/draining relationships. We find the opportunity for resolve for all contributing parties involved to facilitate balance and a return to peace.

4. Full Reset and TLT Infusion

The trauma must then be resolved to release the stored memory of the event, and allow the body to exit the feedback loop, detox, and self-heal. We infuse the individual's spirit with the Total Life Transformation energy to accelerate finding inner peace and to hamper the effects of stress on the person's wellbeing.

Why Work With Us

Regain Hope

Even if nothing has worked before, our meditations restore hope and a positive outlook for life. Establish a new normal not defined by illness.

Restore Inner Peace

Our TLT service blocks your connection to stress and the hype and drama of life and allows you to feel peace on deep level.

Kickstart fitness Goals

As you exit the survival mode of constant stress, the body will naturally crave healthier foods and lifestyle choices, making fitness and health goals easier to achieve.

Renewed Vigor

As your spiritual energy is no longer robbed by negative experiences and relationships, you may feel younger and more resilient.

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